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17 Types of Content That Google Will Eat Up

0 Rare media articles expose how the mass media manipulate public …

"Media manipulation currently shapes everything you read, hear and watch online. Everything." — Forbes magazine article on mass media influence, 7/16/ 2012…/rare-media-articles-expose-how-the-ma…

Sudbury board to go over police station, Town Center articles

Also on tap tonight is a briefing on another major article that has been around for a while, a reconstruction of the Town Center intersection. Put off at last spring's Town Meeting, voters will have another chance to decide on the $1.87 million plan
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17 Types of Content That Google Will Eat Up

Are you updating your Google+, Twitter, and Facebook account when you publish any of the 16 other types of content that is in this article? When people write "what they are doing" just for the sake of updating their social account—merely because
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