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6 Best Yoga Poses for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Yoga for hemorrhoids treatment is among the best natural methods of dealing with this condition. As a result of inflammation of blood vessels (veins) around the region of the anus, hemorrhoids which are also referred to as piles are quite uneasy and painful in some cases.

In some extreme cases, piles could result to anal bleeding and this could be a symptom of a more serious intestinal infection. This happens especially if you do not take action to treat the piles soon enough.

6 Most Effective Yoga Positions for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Yoga is a focus of energy which exceptionally exhibits in a variety of permutations that form and heal each and every creation aspect. This practice, which is also substituted as a human body’s life force does wonders in alleviation of discomfort and healing of the hemorrhoid related complications. Here are among the most effective poses of yoga that will enable you to relieve the pain brought by hemorrhoids;

  1. The Sarvanga Asana (Shoulder Stand/candle pose)
  2. Legs up the wall stand
  3. The Fish pose
  4. The Pavanmukte (The Wind Releasing Pose)
  5. Child’s pose
  6. The squatting pose

Benefits of the Yoga for Hemorrhoids Treatment Poses

Most of the above mentioned positions are equally effective irrespective of your gender. In addition,these poses are quite practical for all age groups. If you are in your pregnancy period, I strongly recommend that you also practice these positions, especially since the pile problems could be at their peak. Take a look at these benefits and find out how well yoga works in dealing with the hemorrhoids.

  1. The shoulder stand/candle poses help in the activation of your most vital glands therefore improving their functionality. Practicing this position also facilitates stress reduction among other among other hemorrhoid related symptoms.
  2. These positions help in aiding and restoration of your stagnant venous and lymph blood, which relieves fatigue and eventually assists in prevention of hemorrhoid conditions.
  3. The yoga poses are very soothing, restorative and assist in the improving of your circulation of blood throughout the anal region. This leads to reduction of the hemorrhoid related symptoms, particularly if you practice the Legs up the Wall Stand pose and the child’s pose.
  4. The squatting pose works excellently in the counteracting of constipation, which relieves the pains that are associated with the bowel movements as a result of hemorrhoid infection in the anal area.
  5. They help in the significant reduction of skin inflammation around your anal area, therefore soothing the pain that comes with the condition. The fish pose is very effective in doing this.
  6. Yoga assists in toxin removal in the body which restores balance in your body and consequently alleviating the pile related pains.


The hemorrhoids are caused by a wide range of conditions which include constipation, varicose veins, over indulgence in anal sex and most commonly due to excessive strain encountered in the course of egestion (bowel movements). Nonetheless, yoga for hemorrhoids treatment as we have discovered, is an all-inclusive methodology in the cure of this painful and humiliating condition. Start practicing the exclusive techniques you have already discovered for relief from hemorrhoids.

Watch this video on some of the poses we talk about above. You can see the Fish Pose.

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