A Happy Outcome… by Lisa Harmon

A Happy Outcome… by Lisa Harmon

levi December 2012

Remember a little blue boy named Levi?

THIS IS HIM!! See the “hook” on his white spot? I’d know him anywhere… doesn’t he look wonderful?!

Every day since he left my home, I have thought about him and prayed that he was doing well. I’d not heard from his new owner for many months, and she wasn’t active on Facebook where I spend most of my internet time.

That saying about “no news is good news”? Wasn’t really working for me. I worried. I really started to worry, being the worry wart I am, especially at night when I was alone with my thoughts.

I was sure in my head his new owner was a great lady and would take good care of him. But my heart longed for some news. Who doesn’t know that feeling?

I didn’t message his new owner more than a couple times, since I didn’t want to be a pest about him; he wasn’t mine any more. And she actually has a life, whereas I don’t…

I would start to worry, to feel sad, and would have to stop myself–a prayer, a hope, and leave him to the Lord’s tenderness. Yes, I am a person of faith, and what I cannot control I am learning (in fits and starts) to leave to the One who can. Though Levi was not where I could see him and love him, he was where others could, and God always can.

Truthfully, I was becoming resigned to always wonder what came of him. But this pic popped up on my FB newsfeed right before I was going to get offline. A chance encounter of sorts. There he was, that hooked white spot popping out at me. I stopped the scroll right away.

This picture made my Christmas bright, to say the least! Thank you, Tai, for such a wonderful Christmas gift…

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