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Abraham Lincoln: Fact or Fiction?

0 'Great Rotation': Fact or Fiction –

Money is flowing into the stock market from different sources such as money market and hedge funds rather than by a Great Rotation from bonds to equities.
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Radio: Programs: Contemporary Russian Science Fiction. Part II …

We continue our mini-series devoted to contemporary Russian science fiction! Dmitry Glukhovsky conceived his post-apocalyptic novel “Metro 2033” when he was only 16 and finished it in his mid twenties. The plot of the novel unfolds in the
Voice of Russia, News

Book Review: Truth or fiction from North Korea? – World Magazine

Adam Johnson's novel The Orphan Master's Son (Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2012) traces the twisted yet fantastical life of a young North Korean…/book_review_truth_or_fiction_from_…

Karen Russell's fiction is more than just a literary combination platter.

Not a bad description of Russell's own best work, among the most prominent of a new strain of darkly magical, often wry, often wackily heartbreaking fiction. Russell also names George Saunders, a writer suddenly on a lot of people's lists: "He writes
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Philadelphia Inquirer

Abraham Lincoln: Fact or Fiction?

Lincoln writer Tony Kushner doesn't apologize for the error. Lincoln is a work of fiction, he says, and real events were exaggerated to add to the drama. (The writer of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has yet to clarify that his portrayal of the 16th
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