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Book Review: Publishing Journal Articles | LSE Review of Books

0 Five Military Cuts That Would Fix Sequestration

As sequestration hysteria grips Washington, top uniformed officials at the Pentagon have joined Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in warning that across-the-board spending cuts due to take effect on March 1 will cripple the American military and endanger
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240 Killed In Stampede After Bucketful Of Oscars Just Dumped On Stage

LOS ANGELES—In one of the most devastating tragedies in the history of the Academy Awards, 240 attendees were killed in a deadly stampede at Hollywood's Dolby Theater Sunday after a bucketful of Oscars was just dumped onto the stage, triggering a
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Why Calorie Labels Are Wrong | Mother Jones

Even if the government gets its act together, though, those menu labels would be more helpful if they were accurate. Correction: An earlier version of this article misidentified the century in which Atwater performed his experiments. Print · Email
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The Quietus | News | WATCH: Double Dagger Doc Trailer

Quietus favourites and sadly-missed Baltimore punk trio Double Dagger are set for a Record Store Day double whammy this year. April 20 will see their final album 333 on shelves, as well as the release of If We Shout Loud Enough, Gabriel
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Book Review: Publishing Journal Articles | LSE Review of Books

Publishing Journal Articles by Lucinda Becker and Pam Denicolo is short, accessible, and useful contributions that will help readers overcome some of their own foibles. Full of suggestions, advice, tips and techniques, this short book presents
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