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Church Used Cemetery Money to Pay Sex Abuse Settlement

0 Gaza money collector hopes to cash in on banknotes

“After the occupation, I started to collect old money and especially the Palestinian pound. And I started to collect the money, then I started to work there (Israel) and I started to ask in the market, you know, where can I go to find some (money) to
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How Much Money Apple Makes From Google For Every iOS Device …

Apple is getting ~$1 billion per year from Google to make Google the search default on iOS devices, according to a Morgan Stanley report. Analyst Scott Devitt at Morgan Stanley put Google on his "best ideas" list for investments on Friday, in a
Business Insider

Geithner's replacement at Treasury, Lew, stashed money in Caymans

How patriotic of Jack Lew, using offshore investments in the Caymans to shield himself from paying US taxes.

Church Used Cemetery Money to Pay Sex Abuse Settlement

"The church did not inform relatives of the deceased that it had taken the money, which amounted to 88% of the fund. Families of those buried in church-owned cemeteries and interred in its mausoleums have contributed to a dedicated
Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

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