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Citizens' petition articles should go to voters

0 Syria's Battle Royale – Emile Hokayem | Foreign Policy

In recent days, fighting has erupted in and around the Syrian capital. The intensification of violence suggests that what many have dubbed "the grand battle for Damascus" is gathering force — a major rebel offensive that has been in the works
Foreign Policy

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

Aliens: Colonial Marines looks like Aliens, and sounds like Aliens, but unfortunately it just doesn't feel like Aliens. Instead, it feels indistinguishable from almost every shooter you've played in the past twenty years. There are some feelings of
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Hantavirus: Are Your Employees At Risk?

A recent outbreak of hantavirus at Yosemite National Park has raised concern about potential rodent infestation and hantavirus outbreaks in manufacturing plants, including food facilities. Patricia Hottel of McCloud Services discusses the risks of
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New Batman: Arkham Game Coming This Year

In an investor call, a member of Time Warner management has confirmed that a new game in the Batman: Arkham series will be released this year. John K Martin is the company's CFO, and you can read the transcript of his comments on Yahoo! Finance.
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