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EGM Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines | EGMNOW

0 The Resilient Conservative Majority

Instead, the February 1, 2013 article title given by Gallup was "Alabama, North Dakota, Wyoming Most Conservative States. Americans slightly less conservative, slightly more liberal[.]" This apparent interest in hiding the conservative advantage in
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The Future According to Randy Pitchford

Randy Pitchford is a busy guy. As head of Gearbox Software, he's seen the release of Borderlands 2 and tons of new content in recent months and is just a day away from Aliens: Colonial Marines arriving in stores. Looking ahead, Gearbox will continue to
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Xbox 720 to Reportedly Require Kinect to Function

The next-generation Xbox may not only be accompanied by a new and improved Kinect, but may actually require the sensor to function. Kotaku has published an exhaustive report about Microsoft's forthcoming console, lending credence to many prior rumors
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TED and other pioneers in mobile app education

If you're reading this, you probably already know about TED Talks. For the unversed, the acronym stands for Technology Entertainment Design and refers to lectures given through the TED conference, which bills itself as devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading.
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EGM Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines | EGMNOW

On an express elevator to otherworldly awesomeness. Most game developers are problem-solvers by nature, and few dilemmas vex them more than the challenge of building a great videogame based on a licensed franchise. So, when Sega

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