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Infographic: An Amazing, Invisible Truth About Wikipedia

0 WPR Article | Diplomatic Fallout: Improvisation, not Strategy, Drives …

European soldiers, often mocked by American analysts in recent years, are back in fashion. France's intervention in Mali has even inspired some commentators to wonder whether Europe has caught the “interventionist bug.” Though there are
World Politics Review: Articles

Three Articles About Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI announced his imminent retirement this morning; his last day as Pope will be February 28th. Here are three articles from The New Yorker's archive that explore his personality, his intellectual life, and his place in the long history
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New Yorker (blog)

Ailes: Obama Foments Hate

The Fox News chairman says the president pits blacks against whites, middle class against rich. Howard Kurtz on how Ailes undercut his largely positive message in a New Republic interview. Like · Tweet · Roger Ailes says President Obama is whipping up
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Daily Beast

Spanish Translations Of Select Articles Now Available At The Myeloma Beacon

The Myeloma Beacon is pleased to announce the introduction of Spanish-language translations of select articles at the Beacon website. “I am very pleased that we will be able to offer these translations to our Spanish-speaking readers. The Beacon
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Infographic: An Amazing, Invisible Truth About Wikipedia

The geotags on articles about mountains aggregate to re-create actual mountain ranges. But there are a slew of other, more fascinating results, too. Articles about beer and wine generate a map of the grape-growing regions in Italy, California, and France.
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