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Money to Be Returned to Madoff Investors Tops $5 Billion

0 Money Blocks: Notch Funding Age Of Wonders III | Rock, Paper …

The news funnel at Eurogamer has become all clogged up with the surprise news that Minecraft-enrichened indie dev Notch is the mysterious benefactor behind.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Gore Says Internet Will Reduce Influence of Money in Politics

Said Gore: "Over time, the rise of the Internet will inexorably diminish the role of money in politics, which is driven today in significant measure by the need on the part of politicians to amass these huge war chests primarily for buying 30-second
Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

Ancient money shot, caught in chert – Boing Boing

Review · Mitch O'Connell the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell – exclusive preview of his new art book. — COMICS —. Tom the Dancing Bug · TOM THE DANCING BUG: Obama's Secret Legal Technology for Drones · Brain Rot
Boing Boing

Prison » Syrian rebels loot artifacts to raise money for …

Taylor Luck Washington Post Feb 13, 2013. MAFRAQ, Jordan — To the caches of ammunition and medicines that they lug each day from this border city back into their homeland, Syrian rebels have added new tools to support their fight

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