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News to Note, February 23, 2013 – Answers in Genesis

0 How to Write Articles That Go Viral | Social Media Today

10 tips for writing content that will increase the likelihood of your posts going viral on social media.
Social Media Today – The world's…

Israel's Script Turns Sour – By Lisa Goldman | Foreign Policy

Hollywood used to portray Israelis as heroic and brave. Today, it's films about the brutality of the occupation that make it to the silver screen. BY LISA GOLDMAN | FEBRUARY 22, 2013. For years, Paul Newman and his blue eyes shaped
Foreign Policy

Book Review: Tokyo Sex Slave by Louis Antonucci – Blogcritics Books

This very short erotic book left me with the impression that it was produced by someone with ADHD.
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News to Note, February 23, 2013 – Answers in Genesis

The oft-evolved appendix Freedom under fire Homo erectus—the handyman Leaving Lucy Epigenetic inheritance.
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