Science fiction roundup – reviews

0 Fact or Fiction: Gel nails linked to skin cancer?

But there is also research that calls the link fiction, arguing the exposure time to the light is too short to make a significant difference in risk. Dermatologist Rutledge Forney says the truth lies in between. That's why she says don't avoid gel
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Have Young Adult Books Uplifted the Popularity of Short Fiction?

In recent years, young adult books have driven a surge in sales for publishers. Besides uplifting the revenue streams of these companies, it also seems to have uplifted the popularity of short fiction. The YA authors who have contributed to this trend
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The Crime Fiction Handbook by Peter Messent – review

Popularity is one measure of the cultural importance of a literary genre, and few genres are as popular as crime fiction, as the recent library lending figures showed. What are the reasons for that success and what does crime fiction tell us about our
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