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Ted Cruz's Insinuation That Hagel Took Money from Questionable …

0 Authorities to decide fate of Dorner reward money | …

BIG BEAR, Calif. (CNN) โ€” It's the million-dollar reward that's raising a million-dollar question: Who, if anyone, is entitled to the money offered in the hunt for Christopher Dorner? The catch is that Dorner, the rogue former Los Angeles police โ€“ Greensboro, High-Point…

For Love or Money | Care2 Healthy Living

It is an odd and painful irony that often just as things are really coming together successfully in life, we often lose touch with the love that had inspired us to get there.
Care2 Healthy Living

Bottle Opening Money Clip ยป Coolest Gadgets

Show me the money! Whenever you go out drinking with your buddies, especially those whom you have not met for many, many years already, it is time to give the missus a call that you will be home extremely late โ€“ and definitely not sober,
Coolest Gadgets

Ted Cruz's Insinuation That Hagel Took Money from Questionable …

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, created outrage and controversy during debate in the Senate Armed Services Committee on the nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense over his mentioning that Hagel has been endorsed by Iran.
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