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The Millions : Big Name Fan(fiction)

0 Design Fiction: Near Future Laboratory, “Green Pages”

“Nick and I came back again to the Emerge 2013 event at Arizona State University to workshop an issue of “Green Pages”, the Laboratory's 'Quarterly Design & Technology Fiction Almanac.' “For those of you who haven't subscribed, or don't know about it,
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Science fiction and women's history month – Boing Boing

Nina sez, "This video features celebrated science fiction authors speaking about the role of women in their writing. The video was created as part of a celebration for Women's History Month this March." Women Writers on Science Fiction and
Boing Boing

Fiction Affliction: March Releases in Paranormal Romance |

Fiction Affliction checks out twenty-seven new paranormal romance novels being released in March. Frontpage Partial – Blog…

The Millions : Big Name Fan(fiction)

“On one occasion, my brother had looked over my shoulder, shuddered, and announced to my mother and father that I was reading porn. 'No, I'm not!' I replied, but he was right in a way.” Harry/Draco? Ron x Hermione? Confessions of a
The Millions

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