Watergate novel nominated for fiction prize

0 'Risky Business,' 'Pulp Fiction' would be nothing without music supervisors

The inclusion of The Shins' "Caring is Creepy" and "New Slang" in "Garden State" catapulted them from a solid but largely unknown indie band from New Mexico into Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling rock stars. And this all happened because of someone
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Hilton Head Island Packet

Finding justice in fiction

In Chinese crime fiction, detectives take center stage, but He wanted to put his own spin on the genre. With Hong Jun now envisioned, He began a creative outpouring, publishing five books between 1995 and 1998. He finally accomplished his dream of
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Global Times

Video: Lemaitre, “Fiction” + Interview

Most of the times the actors are friends or family of either us or Joe, but the actor in the “Fiction” video is actually a fairly famous comedian called Fridtjof Stensæth Josefsen with his own show on Norwegian TV. He helped us come up with the idea
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